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Where does your traffic come from?

Trafficators generates millions of visitors each day from advertising networks. Our advertisers place a code on their website which will display your entire website to specific visitors depending on the target niche and region that you selected your traffic to come from. We do not use any spam techniques. We do not use any bots. We do not pay people to go on your website (PTC). We only provide real unique visitors - guaranteed.

Do i have to wait for months to receive my visitors?

Absolutely not! You are guaranteed of receiving your first visitors within the first 24 hours of purchasing a traffic package - We will ensure that we send you all your purchased traffic within 30 days of purchase. You will have the option to customize your delivery time (7-30 days).

Is your traffic originated from SPAM or any other illegal method?

We generate 100% legit hits which we deliver to you as targeted traffic. We don't in any way engage ourselves in unscrupulous activities such as spamming for visitors through emails, blogs or news groups - What you get from us are real, high quality targeted visitors, Period.

Are there any restrictions which I should know about?

We only allow sites which are legal and don't in any form or way promote hate, contain harmful software's such as Trojans, viruses or worms. Any site found wanting will not receive any traffic from us, period! Therefore, please ensure that your site conforms to these strict guidelines before you attempt to purchase any traffic from us - We do monitor all site activities.

Do you guarantee me that you will deliver all my visitors?

That is 100% guaranteed! You will get all the visitors that you pay for. If at all you don't get all your visitors within 30 days of purchasing your traffic package, then we issue a refund.

Can i track my campaign stats?

We provide a control panel for each account created, purchased traffic package comes with a free live stat to help you keep track of progress. Once you purchase your desired traffic package and just before your campaign begins, you will receive an email with a username which you will use to log into your account, at our site.

What traffic packages you have? What payment methods you can accept?

We provide a flexible packages to choose from, you are free to choose from 1,000 visitors up to 250,000 visitors upon your website needs. To see the full packages we provide click here. We do accept paypal and crdit card payments as you need to pay for each created campaign.

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