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Privacy Policy:

When you subscribe to our services we reserve the right to collect information regarding the use of this website, contact details for the purposes of registering with this site, and transactions carried out on this website: Trafficators.

Personal Information Use:

Trafficators may administer and personalize our website for you, allow your access and use of our website services, publish information about you on our website with an opt in permission, send you information on products and services that are relevant to you, send statements and invoices to collect payments, and send promotion content.

As it clearly states under Internet Laws, we must provide you with an opt out choice. If you do not select opt-out for any of the personal information or URL use you have on this website we reserve the right to share your information with our affiliates and to send you contents that may be of use to you based on the services you have selected from us.

If it is deemed necessary by Trafficators we may disclose your information. If it is required or compelled by legal authorities we must comply. We employ practices to secure your personal data to avoid any loss, misuse, or alteration of your personal information. We store your information on secure servers to the best of our abilities. Any information entered on our website is encrypted and protected as much as possible to ensure its safety.

Trafficators may collect, process, transfer or store data on different services, which may be cross-border data storage and transfer situations. You agree by reading this privacy agreement and by selecting our services to these cross-border transfers if they are deemed necessary by our company.

This privacy policy may be updated at any time. It should be checked frequently to ensure your privacy and compliance is understood.

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